COVID Preparations for Upcoming 2020-21 Winter Season

We want to share with you what we are doing to prepare Meadows for the upcoming winter season. Since our season was abruptly ended last March, we have been developing plans to successfully operate in a way that builds confidence and trust among our team, our guests and the community by mitigating the risk of infection and spread.

What has been done:

For the summer, we created an infection prevention plan and outfitted our teams with PPE so we could continue important improvements this summer. Our team at Cooper Spur Mt. Resort are following safety protocols and have been serving guests at the property since July 1. We appreciate these dedicated team members who have demonstrated that we can conduct business, service guests, complete our projects and move forward in compliance with our safety measures.

A Covid Readiness Task Force was formed in April to implement a tactical operating plan lining out operational scenarios. The Task Force works with all departments to prepare for the challenge. We know in order to comply with current state guidelines and out of an abundance of caution, we will limit the number of guests who can visit the resort daily.  

The summer team has done a weekly screening questionnaire to monitor health. In the event that there is a possible exposure, we have response plans in place to identify, isolate and contain further risk of infection. Our Covid Response Team, comprised of our Risk Management and HR leaders, has its own email address ( and phone extension (x1919) for easy and quick communication.

Looking forward to Winter:

Our focus is to return to operations in a responsible manner. This means the entire team will be educated about how Covid-19 is transmitted, and what team members are expected to do to protect themselves and others from infection, both at and away from work.

So what do we expect from our winter team members? First and foremost, understand that this season will be very different from seasons past. Distancing, face masks, regular sanitation, and individual responsibility will be required for our team and our guests. We are re-engineering our operations to achieve social distancing which will affect how we serve and accommodate our guests, and will also impact how we approach office spaces, locker rooms and meeting areas.

The health of our team is our number one priority. That means it will be each individual’s number one priority. Our expectation is that each one of us will follow protocols to help keep each other healthy. We will all need to remain vigilant in our efforts to prevent spreading the infection. This includes professionally giving and receiving reminders when necessary, as we all learn new behaviors and habits. Speaking up for the good of the team is how we succeed and listening to those trying to help us is how we build a more inclusive workplace.

Our expectations have been addressed in the Team Member COVID-19 Responsibility Pledge, to which our summer team committed. The pledge starts off with, “I will stay home if I have any of the following symptoms or anyone in my household has a cough, fever, tiredness or difficulty breathing; and I will notify my manager and/or the COVID Response Team.” It continues with commitments to follow the infection prevention protocols both at and away from work and also encourages you to speak up if you witness code of conduct violations. 

Here’s a link to that pledge:

It will also be important for our team to stay attentive and flexible. We anticipate the course of the virus and the public health response will affect our operations. As a learning organization, we stay current on the evidence-based guidelines from credible authorities such as our local county health department. We are developing different scenarios and may need to switch plans at a moment’s notice. We will be using Dayforce to notify and communicate these changes to our team, everyone of our team members will be encouraged to download the Dayforce app and watch for notifications.

Ultimately, we will expect our team members to follow the proven practices that will reduce the chance of infection:

·     Wear a mask

·     Watch your distance

·     Wash your hands

If we all relentlessly follow these practices, at and away from work, it is much more likely we will keep each other healthy and fulfill our mission to Enrich the lives of our team, guests and community. We share this responsibility, because we care about you and want you to make an informed decision about re-applying for the 2020-21 winter season. 

– The Leadership Team