Printing & Viewing Paystubs and Year-End Forms – Dayforce Online

Printing & Viewing Paystubs & Year-End Forms is easiest through Dayforce online ( and is most user-friendly via a desktop or laptop.

1. Login to Dayforce
2. Select one of the following roles: “Employee w/ESS,” “Salary ESS”, “Instructor” or “Terminated”
3. On the home page – select “Earnings” . You can also access earnings from the lefthand drop down menu. 

4. Your paystubs will be categorized by month – if you think you are missing paystubs, you can filter the start and end dates to allow more pay periods to show. 
5. To view the official paystub select the black arrow – the paystub will appear in a drop-down menu
6. Click on the paystub file name – there are two views available: “Summary” & “Statement”
6a. The Summary view is NOT an official paystub – for official paystubs use the “Statement” view
7. There is a “Print” option in the top right hand corner of the screen. 

8. To view your Year-End forms select “Year-End Forms” from the upper left menu
9. All applicable forms will display below – Select the form(s) you wish to print – The “Print” option will appear in the top right corner of the screen.