About Team Survey

The goal of this survey is to be an ongoing communication tool between management and the team members who choose to participate. It helps managers understand how the team as a whole is feeling about their job, and allows for two way communication that helps align and improve our company.

The Meadows Management team reviews scores and team member comments and looks for opportunities to improve from the feedback. When the next survey is sent out, we post the team member comments from the previous survey. We cannot respond to all comments but we will post them all so everyone can see what team members are saying.

On occasion there are comments which are specifically negative about an individual or extremely derogatory, those comments will not get posted. Responses to this survey are anonymous unless you choose to leave your name. It is much more likely that we be able to follow up and take action if you do leave your name, as often times more information on the situation is needed.

For those that choose to leave department, shift or name, that information is shared with the management team but not posted publicly. If you have feedback on improving this survey please feel free to offer suggestions in your comments when you take the survey.