2022-23 Dependent Pass Form

Dependent pass information:

Per the Employee Handbook (p.36) – Dependents are defined as a spouse/domestic partner or child 18 years of age or under.
Identification, proof of relationship and proof of age (for child) is required. Any employee who quits or is terminated will have their pass, as well as their dependent pass/passes, deactivated. If you purchased a season pass prior to becoming an employee, you can submit a reimbursement request form to Human Resources. Refunds are processed after you receive your employee pass and are pro-rated to how late we are in the season.

Dependent pass privileges per team member pay class are listed below:
Full Time (24-day commitment – MLC)
Employees who work 4 or more days per week on a consistent basis earn:
– Unlimited Season Pass for self and dependents

Part-Time (18-day commitment – MLC)
Employees who work regularly scheduled shifts totaling 1-3 days per week earn:
– Unlimited Season Pass for self
– Dependent Season Pass for $100 per dependent. Children age 6 and under are free.
– This includes employees who make a commitment as part of a manager’s staffing plan that has been approved by Human Resources.

Limited Time (10 day commitment – MLC)
Employees who work less than 1 day per week, intermittently, on-call, or on a highly limited basis earn:
– Limited lift access, based on the department’s staffing plan (approved by Human Resources)
– No dependent privileges are earned

Please submit one form per dependent