Team Member Privileges

Privileges quick access

Follow the links below for access and more information on MHM/CSMR team member privileges:

Get exclusive discounts on hundreds of awesome outdoor brands! 

Get free tickets to ride at many
Pacific Northwest Ski Areas! 

Bought a pass but now work for Meadows or Cooper Spur?
Fill out a reimbursement request! 

Recruit for Meadows or Cooper Spur
and get rewarded!

Check out the Refer-A-Friend program! 

Meadows team members get free group lessons & discounted lessons for dependents!
Follow the link below to sign up for lessons for you or your dependents! 

Do your dependents shred too?
Follow the link below for more information on how to get your dependent passes! 

Want discounted lift tickets for your friends? 
Use one of your 3 buddy passes! Follow the link below for more info on the process! 

Don’t ride? Know someone who does?
Did you know you can reassign your lift access & keep your discount?

questions about your pass?

Need help with something on dayforce?

Check out the Dayforce How-To’s page!