Get $200 for referring a CDL Driver! 

Know someone with a CDL? Refer them to work at Meadows & you could be eligible for a $200 Referral Bonus! Have them apply at the link below: 

Use this form to tell us who you referred to work at Mt Hood Meadows and/or Cooper Spur.

Get $50 for referring a friend!

To qualify for the reward, the following criteria must be met:

1) The candidate mentions your name as “referred by” on their application
2)The candidate is successfully hired at Mt Hood Meadows on a Full Time or Part Time commitment (limited time commitment qualifies for $25)
3) The individual you referred has never worked at Mt Hood Meadows or Cooper Spur before (They are a new hire)
4) The individual you referred successfully completes 50 days of employment and is in good standing

Submitting this form does not guarantee the referral reward. Once you submit the form, Human Resources will review and confirm the eligibility of your referral.

Anyone who has influence in the hiring process is not eligible for this program. E.g., directors, managers, hiring supervisors, and human resources staff.

You will be able to check the status of your referral after you complete the form. Your name, approval status, and submission date will be displayed, to opt out of having your referral displayed, email:

Please submit one form per friend you refer. You will be able to fill out another form when you are done.

Refer-A-Friend 2022-23

  • If you don't know the exact date that's ok! Estimate as close as you can!