COVID Resources – VACCINE Guidance

Now that some of us have the vaccine

We hope this page can help address some questions we've been hearing around COVID safety protocols at work and the COVID Vaccine

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Is Mt hood meadows advocating for team members to get the vaccine? 

The COVID Vaccine is being rolled out based on a schedule determined by the State and County. Hood River County has reached out to Department Managers who’s Team Members have qualified for vaccination based on their work as new vaccine phases roll out. This process is likely to change as the eligible populations grow. Again, Mt Hood Meadows plays no role in determining who is eligible for vaccinations and employers are not able to prioritize their companies. 

Remember that Oregon and Washington have different vaccine schedules, so if you hear about someone in Washington getting a vaccine they may qualify under their state’s schedule, not Oregon’s. At the federal level, the country’s goal is to make all adults over the age of 18 eligible to get the vaccine on May 1st. This is a rapidly changing situation so be sure to keep up to date on the latest vaccine eligibility for the state and county you reside in. 

I’m vaccinated and the cdc has new guidlines for me, can i be free now and not wear a mask at work? 

Not yet! The CDC has changed restrictions for individuals but employers are still required to follow OSHA’s guidance which has not changed since January. This means that when you’re at work, whether on a break or not, with household members or strangers, you’ll still need to wear a mask and physically distance from Team Members and Guests, regardless of vaccine status.


Team lounge and break areas reminders

Physical Distancing of 6 Feet is a Rule For All-Regardless of Relationship

All team members in break areas and lounges must physical distance regardless if they are family, live together, married for 25 years, are fully vaccinated, carpool together, or consider themselves a quarantine pod. Why? The psychological well-being of other team members present and sharing this space. Team members do not know who’s in who’s pod. The perception is safety protocols are not being enforced and could result in a complaint. This is a break room area to allow team members to rest and have their meals during and between shifts. It is not a sit down restaurant where we have staff controlling the time and table limits. Families, friends, and pods can still sit near each other and have a conversation however; 6 feet of physical distancing must be maintained.

Masks Must Be Worn At All Times Unless Actively Eating or Drinking

The mask should only be pulled down to take a sip of a beverage and then masks should be pulled back up. Actively eating a meal without a mask is fine, but once the meal is over, masks must be placed back on. Again, this is for everyone’s safety and psychological wellbeing. When you make an extra effort to have a mask on, you send the message you care 🙂 

Team Lounge is For Working/Scheduled Team Members

If you are not on break from working or scheduled to work, your car is your lodge!