Team Check-In Email

Survey is now live at this link:

There are many comments from the last period that have responses, if you put 12/27/2018 as the start date in the filter you will see only comments from the last survey period. We thought focusing this email on some recognition of team members would be most appropriate starting with the note below from Mel Toney Director of Mountain Operations.

“It’s one of those seasons with fluctuating freezing levels and a jet stream pointed at our volcano. There is so much behind the scenes work that happens that many may not be aware of. Predicting, planning and executing: That’s what mountain operation does.

Mountain ops has had their hands full this season. Lots of digging and deicing. Grooming, park grooming, park hand crew, lift ops , lift maintenance, Race, Patrol and risk management have been super busy through the holiday season.

This includes: several all-nighters to keep lifts running and clear of ice, multiple white out AC routes, extensive hand digging, grooming in difficult situations, worst ever deicing conditions, multiple complicate guest injuries, accommodation of the race team demands and guest service issues (maze control). While that last piece always needs improvement I always appreciate the muscle and intellect it takes to get the behind the scenes stuff done.

I also want to recognize parking/transportation. They’ve been killing it.”


For those of you that haven’t checked out the blog on the recent storm recovery efforts, I would highly recommend it as I think it was eye opening for many guests. You can find it here:

Here are some more awesome guest comments we’ve received recently:

“On NYE when the lines were way too long – one of your Hosts, Roy was managing the lines on MHX and absolutely “crushing it”!! He was vocal, energetic, authoritative and 100% fun going about it. He had skiers headed up hill as fast and efficiently as possible on a day when the lines were too long. Not a chair was headed up hill that didn’t have four skiers on it. He methodically called out “quad on my left, quad on my right, two on my left and two singles, three on the left and a single, four singles from my left, etc……” There was zero confusion for those of us in line as to who was supposed to be boarding and when. If it was possible to run the lifts at twice the speed they were running, he still would have had every chair full.

A short time later as we were headed back out from a break, Roy was outside clearing ice from the stairs – he held the door open for us and greeted every person both in and out!! You (Meadows) should CLONE Roy!! You’d be better for it!

I shared this story with my wife and she shared and equally amazing story about this SAME INDIVIDUAL – Roy!! Apparently the day before on Sunday, our daughter was not feeling well and sitting inside at the tables near Fresh Tracks. I guess Roy was having his lunch in the same area and saw my daughter leaning up against my wife obviously not feeling well – he asked her how she was doing and went out of his way to engage both my daughter and wife. Told her some hot water and lemon would help her to feel better on such a cold blustery day. Well, my wife and daughter were pleasantly surprised to see Roy return after he had finished his lunch and drop off a glass of hot water and a cup full of lemon wedges for my daughter and told her to feel better. Again, wherever you found this guy, you should go back there and find more – he’s a keeper.

Too easy to write a complaint. This was an no-brainer decision for me to write this positive feedback for an employee who is making your resort a better place. I hope your properly recognize Roy on account of this behavior.”
– paul dudy

“My name is Michelle Edwards and my boyfriend and I stayed at the Cooper Spur on December 31st. I just wanted to say that we had such a great time (although short) at the resort. Our room was beautiful, very clean, and I was impressed by the generous amenities which many hotels don’t provide nowadays. The coffee was outstanding, and I think Moby roasting might be my new favorite coffee company! We also loved that the hotel was so environmentally conscious.

I additionally have to give a big compliment to all of the staff. From the woman (Susan Amsberry) at the reception (I feel bad I failed to get her name) to the cleaning staff and restaurant employees – everyone was extremely friendly and helpful.

We are going to recommend Cooper Spur to all of our friends and family, and we cannot wait to return!”

“The woman working at Renaissance was very friendly and remembered us, and our order, from previous trip.”

“The entire team was wonderful yesterday and had a great attitude and spirit. We respect and appreciate the fact that they worked Christmas Day! The food was great and the service prompt. Two thumbs up.”

“I believe it’s Robert and Riley in the rental area that helped me the most last year and my wife this year. They are great people and very kind and helpful. All in the rental shop have been amazing but those are the names I remember.”

“Our 6-year-Old daughter really enjoyed her lesson with your instructor Jeremy. He was good. Supportive without being patronizing. Refreshing attitude.”

“Matt Rudolph in park was very nice to my kids at the top of the Zoo terrain park. He made them feel welcome and made sure everyone got to enjoy the fun.”

“Zach Redmond is someone I have ran into in the park multiple times. He is encouraging and will sometimes throw a couple tips out in the air to help improve my skills. He always seems overly happy to be there and from what I can see is constantly working to improve the conditions of the parks. I’d say he’s a keeper!! Thanks for all the great memories Meadows!! (:”

“Laura Ricket was the best guest service employee ever.”

“Ski Patrol is the best in the area.”

“Outstanding service ~ I received help with efficient on/off of ski boots, friendly assistance when I asked for some information, guidance through process was delivered in a nice tone of voice. The “”team”” was efficient and friendly.”

“Trevor is the man! He is super knowledgeable and really helped me figure out what I needed to do with my new ski boots. I can’t say enough good thing about my experience with him.”

“Ralph! He’s the best year after year :)”