Check-In Email 12/27/2018

I hope everyone had an excellent Christmas and has been enjoying the new snow. Cooper Spur Ski Area opened yesterday which is awesome and the excellent conditions have certainly brought the crowds to Meadows. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate everyone’s extra efforts during this stretch of busy days, many team members are going above and beyond to take care of our guests and that is appreciated more than I could ever convey.

You’ll find a response to one comment below and responses to other comments when you go to to take the survey. Please note comments are now just below the survey so you just need to scroll down to see them and the formatting has been cleaned up a little. Have a happy new year everyone!

I used to care so much about this company and be a huge, outspoken supporter. Now I find it embarrassing to mention that I work for Meadows. I don’t wear my logo gear in public and I don’t offer to have my friends ride here. I get exchange letters and ride elsewhere. Since we promoted Bill & Ted’s Bogus Adventure to COO and VP, this mountain has gone down hill and fast and not in a fun way. What happened to grown-ups running the show? A former staff accountant and former ski school instructor known for heavy drinking/partying running the show? You’re trying desperately to make us like a Vail owned resort, when really you make us look Duck Dynasty – hillbillies with money who have no class or taste who are hell bent on stuffing their pockets with more cash. It’s sad and I hate to think what some of the old timers would think of the state of things if they were around to see what you’ve morphed this company into. I love my job but I find the company itself to be pitiful.

Well I must commend you for the creativity and humor in your comment, although it is certainly disappointing to hear that you feel so poorly about the performance of the leadership team specifically Jake and I. What I can tell you is that we care very deeply about the success of the team members who work at Meadows and providing the best guest experience we can. Things do not always go as planned but our leadership team is committed to working very hard on improving. I can assure you though that changing poopy diapers and bedtime routines are a lot more frequent for me these days than heavy drinking or partying.

You might consider attempting to be a part of the change you would like to see vs. suffering through and complaining (albeit creatively) about changes that you do not like. You could consider starting by sharing the things that have changed that you dislike or positive changes you would like to see. Having worked here for over 20 years I can think of many things that have changed but it is hard to think of many that have made it a worse experience for team members. In fact, I am very proud of the improvements we have made. Perhaps you could enlighten us on what things used to be like that were so much better than they are now but please make sure it is as entertaining as your last comment.

I am proud of the fact that our company promotes from within even if it does mean you end up with an instructor in a VP position. If you look at our Director & VP team almost everyone has done many jobs within the ski industry which I believe makes us a stronger company. Of course, if you would prefer a lawyer in a 3-piece suit running the show you are welcome to your opinion.

Thanks for blending so much humor into your criticism as I am sure many will be entertained.

Jeremy Riss
Vice President of Resort Operations
PSIA-NW Technical Team

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