Team news 12.20.18

Team Mail


In this edition:

  • Culinary Services OUTSTANDING Team Members
  • Comfort Zone - Weekend Special
  • Holiday meal discount
  • Christmas Dinner
  • Peak Days = Super tight parking à Don’t get towed or fined!
  • What in the heck are Buddy Tickets? What’s an “I forgot” pass?
  • T4T Landlord highlights
  • Wellness updates






Idalia Gastelum – Higher Grounds

“Idalia was instrumental in helping us prepare the Schuss and Higher Grounds for opening, as well as preparation in the Comfort Zone. She also somehow found the time to help HR prepare their uniforms for the season and even helped them out a bit during orientations. She has always gone above and beyond her duties, stay later if need be, and is now taking on a new lead role. She is always willing to help out wherever needed, asks questions, and makes sure she knows how to do something before venturing on her own. She has self-motivated and a hard worker, with a team oriented attitude.”

~Kassandra Havens, QSR Supervisor


Sarah Raulston – Alpesnstube

“Sarah is our lead hostess and has been early every day with an awesome attitude and has even been helping with taking some of the newer support staff under her wing even though she is new herself.  Her positive attitude is contagious!  Thank you Sarah!”

 ~Spencer Wilson, Alpenstube Supervisor


Yahaira Castillo – Schuss front of house

“She always has a good attitude, is willing to help out wherever needed and is able to take the lead when necessary. If a task need to be completed, she is willing to take on that task and make sure it gets done. She is very wiling learn as she goes, and has been a great employee. “

~Kassandra Havens, QSR Supervisor


“She always come in with a positive attitude, and ready to go. She just needs to know where she’s is stationed that day, and she will get it done. She is a great listener and clearly a very hard worker”. ~Diego Sandoval, QSR Supervisor



Margarita Gonzalez – Schuss back of house

“Every morning I get here and is always one step ahead of me.

The way she works is very helpful as well”

~Kassandra Havens, QSR Supervisor


“She is on top of her game. Whatever we need, she’s got it ready to go and she is quick with her work. She is able to watch the line as she works so she can estimate what we may need before we even ask. She also has a good attitude and comes ready to work.”

~Brallan, Lead Schuss Cook


“She is rockin’ it in the kitchen. She’s always on top of things, and we know Brallan can count on her 110%” ~Diego Sandoval, QSR Supervisor







“You are Making the Difference! THANK YOU”

-Mark Fellows

Director of Culinary Services



This weekend’s Comfort Zone SPECIAL:

Carnitas Platter, Spanish rice, pinto beans… $13.50.

The special team price before your discount is $9.00.



Holiday meal discount

Bigger crowds mean longer shifts for many of us. Because of this, the daily meal discount cap will be increased to $35 starting Friday 12/21 through 1/2/19. Please remember that the meal discount is for you only, not for friends or family.



Christmas Dinner

If you are working Christmas day, your manager / supervisor will have a voucher for you for a complimentary Ham dinner (vegetarian option on request). Thanks for working!




Peak Days = Super tight parking   à Don’t get towed or fined!

Please use the bus the next couple weeks! If you absolutely cannot use the bus, please carpool to maximize guest parking. Live two Core Values at once, Sustainability and Service!

A couple clarifications on parking:

  1. MHM is not allowed to create large sections of premium or team parking as our lots are part of the SnoPark system. If you arrive after the main lot is full be prepared to be diverted to Sunrise or HRM and take a shuttle. Allow extra time on Peak Days to get to work.
  2. The Passenger Code of Conduct says to respect the businesses that provide us a bus stop. If you do not follow instructions for where to park or park where you are displacing their customers, expect to get towed. We have heard several complaints. Parking Maps can be found on the Talent Center as well as the Passenger Code of Conduct and the Handbook
  3. The holidays usually bring law enforcement out to ticket any vehicle without a SnoPark Pass. Get yours at HR today!
  4. Carpool up at





What in the heck are Buddy Tickets? What’s an “I forgot” pass?

We get these questions often at HR….

If you read the handbook, page 27 you will find that yes, you can stoke out your friends with $39 tickets, and if you forget yours for the day, we can help.

Click here for the Handbook .





Landlord Highlights  

3 new entries into our Turns 4 Tenants Program:

  • Troy Fischer: 503-314-0959 - Parkdale, multiple rooms, as little as $300/person (shared room)
  • Stephen: 415-307-1939 - Parkdale, Cabin with 4 rooms- $625/room, Dogs and Cats considered
  • Lisa: - Parkdale, Cozy Apartment- $800; great for a couple, within walking distance to Meadows bus stop. Pictures available of this studio apartment in the Human Resources office

*We have added a few more listings in the past few days.

 Find their contact info and room details here:  T4T List in Talent Center




Wellness Updates…

Massage in White River Room:

December 28th, 8am-11am  

*Sign-up starts at 7:45am.


Group Acupuncture in Vertical North:

Monday, January 7th: 10am-1pm

Friday, January 18th: 4pm-6pm

Wednesday, January 23rd: 1pm-3pm

*No sign-up required







Thank you!

-Your Human Resources Team