Team Newsletter – 11.18.21

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Welcome to Your Mtn. Home

Our Welcome Home Session will be re-running this Saturday, November 20th at 6 pm. 
These sessions complement the information in your Onboarding, updates to the Team Handbook, and the Orientation Video. If you missed it last week here’s your chance to stay in the know!

Meeting ID: 842 2415 1039

One tap mobile

+12532158782,,84224151039# US (Tacoma)

+13462487799,,84224151039# US (Houston)

Department Orientation Bus Schedule: This Weekend!

Covid Vaccine Boosters

COVID Vaccine Boosters are now available for anyone working with the public, this includes our team! Meadows and Cooper Spur team members are encouraged to get this extra shot of immunity.
Visit our Covid-19 Resources page to read our current Infection Prevention Plan and view local vaccine resources: 

Recruit Corner:


You're Getting A Raise!

Did you hear Meadows and Cooper Spur raised the base wage to $15/hour? This means all positions up to the Director level will receive a $1.25/hour wage increase effective Nov. 20th, 2021. 
Read our Blog Post: 


$ Refer-A-Friend $

Want to make $50? How about $200???

Refer a friend and get $50!

Refer a CDL Driver and get $200!

Know a friend that would love working at Meadows? We’re still hiring for: 

  • Lift Attendants
  • Cooks
  • Shuttle Drivers (No CDL Required)
  • CDL Drivers
  • CDL Driver in Training Program
  • Cashiers
  • Parking Attendants
  • Janitorial 

New Internal Team Postings

Open to returning team members only, apply through Dayforce Careers today! 

  • Night Operations Assistant Manager

New Year-Round Positions


Reduce Your Footprint, Carpool to the Mtn!

Sustainability is one of our Core Values, which is why we partner with Get There Oregon –  a local resource that allows people from all over to connect and carpool! 

Needing a little help getting up the hill? Or just want to reduce your footprint? Follow the link below for more info on how to get started with Get There Oregon!

Roommate Finder & Meadows Classifieds

Looking for a roommate? 
Check out the Classifieds for other Meadows team members that are looking to join forces this season, or post an of your own! 

Select "Classifieds" From the Team Site Menu to Create & View Postings!

Team Privileges

Team Member Housing

We still have spots available in Team Member Housing! Spots available for RA”s are still open too! Get in touch with your Manager/Supervisor for more information on how to be placed. Available for FT Team Members only, visit our Housing Resources page for more info! 

Dependent Passes

The Dependent Pass Form is LIVE for the 21/22 Season! Feel free to submit your request for dependent passes now – but keep in mind our current focus is getting our team members their passes! You will receive an email notification when the status of your requests is updated, thank you for your patience & stay tuned! 


This season will begin with Daycare for Team member dependents only.

Some details are still being determined, but for current information, visit the Daycare Resources page, linked below:


Mountain Exchange

We’re stoked to tell you that Mtn. Exchange will be back for the 21/22 Season! Please keep in mind the program doesn’t begin until 12/1, and is dependent on Meadows being operational, we’ll be sending out more information soon regarding the list of exchange resorts & gyms and program guidelines! 
Thank you for your patience, stay tuned! 


Keeping Your Spirit Healthy

The following information is from a blog post from our EAP provider, Uprise Health:

People talk about the importance of keeping their lives in balance. But when it comes down to it, few people really know how to achieve it.

“When you’re stressed, taking steps to strengthen your personal integrity can bring you back to a sense of balance that restores a sense of inner peace and harmony,” says Brian Luke Seaward, Ph.D., author of Quiet Mind, Fearless Heart. “The human spirit is composed of free-flowing energy. But unresolved anger, fear and other negative emotions can choke the spirit by creating stress.”

The following strategies can help you change or modify behaviors that increase stress and replace them with behaviors that promote harmony.

Keep everything in perspective
When you’re stressed by a particular event, it’s easy to lose perspective, particularly of how good your life is overall.

“When you find yourself focusing on the foreground of a problem or a crisis, take a step back and look at it in the context of the big picture of your life,” says Dr. Seaward. “Doing so helps you realize that in many areas of your life things are going well.”

Establish healthy boundaries
Boundaries let other people know how far they can go before they infringe on your personal integrity. Setting clear boundaries helps minimize misunderstandings between friends, family and coworkers.

Manage anger
Keep anger under control by changing your expectations. Many episodes of anger in day-to-day life are the result of unmet expectations. By lowering your expectations, especially about things you can’t control, you can reduce angry and stressful responses. For instance, plan in advance to let go of things you know will drive you crazy, such as traffic delays.

Be thankful
Adopt an attitude of gratitude by directing your thoughts away from negative thought patterns that are common when you’re stressed.

“When you’re feeling as if nothing is going right, stop and make a list of all the things you’re grateful for or take for granted,” says Dr. Seaward. “Start with simple things, like being able to see and breathe. Then move on to personal things, such as family members and your job. Don’t stop until you reach 100 items.”

Turn off the TV
Prolonged TV viewing increases stress because of violent or disturbing content and the constant visual stimulation.

Forgive others
Carrying the weight of a grudge becomes immobilizing over time. But when you forgive someone, you bring light into your heart, and the whole world benefits.

Seize the day
Choose one of your unmet personal goals and map out a strategy to make it happen. Fill in the specifics, identify the resources you need and come up with an estimated completion date.

“Human behavior is slow to change, but it can be done,” says Dr. Seaward. “Start by selecting one strategy from those above and incorporate it into your life for several weeks. Then try another one for a while. Over time, you’ll feel more whole and less stressed because you’re consciously seeking balance in your life instead of imbalance.”

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