Vaccine & Base Pay


Exciting news that we want to share with you about a bonus and wage adjustments coming your way. 

Vaccine Incentive
First, as you know, we have encouraged people to get vaccinated. It is the right thing to do for the communities in which we live, and for each other. To help protect our Team we are going to offer a vaccine bonus of $200 to all Team members who have been or will be fully vaccinated by 12/31/21.  If you are fully vaccinated, you will receive the bonus on the first paycheck in January and at this time there is not a booster shot requirement.  If you receive at least one shot by 12/31/21 but time has not elapsed to be considered fully vaccinated, you will get your bonus when you are eligible.

Base Pay
We are raising wages for all Team members by $1.25 an hour, which will bring our base pay to $15 / hour. This excludes the Executive Team and will take effect on November 20th. Meadows and Cooper have paid a dollar an hour above the established Oregon State minimum wage for the Hood River County area for three straight years. This increase puts our base pay $2.25 above the state-required minimum.  It represents our aim to have a total compensation program that provides more livable wages to our loyal Team members.

Discounts and Sick Leave
We have increased the F&B discount for all employees during their shift to 70% off in our quick-service restaurants at Meadows.  We will also, again pre-load 40 hours of Covid Sick Leave for all full-time employees on 11/20/2021. This reinforces our intent to make sure if someone is not feeling well, they can make the decision to stay home to protect themselves and their Team. Our investment in Sahale Lodge has set us up to feed the Reinvest part of the Perpetual Stoke. We know the cost of living has continued to rise, making it a more difficult choice for many of you to be a part of Your Mountain Home. We are grateful for the ability to take care of our Team and look forward to working with you this season.



Your Leadership Team:

  • Matthew Drake / CEO
  • Greg Pack / General Manager
  • Mel Toney / VP Mountain Operations
  • Jeremy Riss / VP Resort Operations
  • Dave Tragethon / VP Marketing, Sales & Communication
  • Matt Troskey / VP People & Learning