Ideas Lab

The Ideas Lab is a Space to inspire creativity & productivity

Below are the guidelines for what does and does not belong in the ideas lab:
  • present ideas to improve and/or expand our processes or operations
  • present ideas to improve our work environment
  • identify potential problems and
    • suggest a helpful solution
    • describe how solving this problem would make a positive impact
  • Complaining
  • Anonymous grievances
  • Accusatory or derogatory language
  • Unrealistic requests (I’d like to request 5 inches of fresh powder 5 times a week, thanks!)


Where can you submit complaints and/or grievances?
  • Page 12 in the handbook outlines all your avenues for complaints. We suggest starting with your supervisor or manager.
  • Schedule an appointment with HR.
  • Schedule an appointment with your department Director or VP
  • Anonymous hotline (last resort – ext: 1277)