COVID-19 Resources: Logistics

REPORTING SYMPTOMS:  If you experience symptoms of COVID-19 14 days after your last time at the resort or on the bus, report these IMMEDIATELY to your manager or Human Resources. We would like to know to ensure the safety of our team members who still need to work on site.

To learn more about the symptoms of Coronavirus follow this link. 

Uniform Returns:

If you took your uniform home, please inform your manager or Human Resources and to start making a plan for getting that uniform back to its Mountain Home. You may be able to arrange a drop off locally or ship it to the mountain. 

If your uniform is not checked back in one way or another, this may negatively affect your rehire status. 


If you have MHM keys please work with your manager or DPS to return the keys.

You may also mail your key back to us using the following address: 

ATTN: Todd Schroeder 

PO BOX 470

Mount Hood, OR 97041

Lockers and Personal Belongings:

  • Please use this form to request an appointment to retrieve your belongings from your locker:

  • Questions? You can reach DPS at 503-337-2222 x 1318 or x 1319