Mt. Hood Meadows / Cooper Spur Team Check-In 10/22/2018

I apologize to those folks that received multiple copies of the survey last time, that issue should not happen again. It’s time for everyone to start doing their snow dances so we can get this place open!

Below are responses to the comments from the last survey:

Q: “It would be nice if we could get uniforms back. I thought their was a two week turnover on repairs its been 4 months. And whats the deal with Toyota? i thought we as employees got a discount”

A: Regarding the uniform question it sounds like it might be a unique situation. If you’re comfortable shooting Troskey, Lara or I an email I’m sure we can look into it. We had thought going in that there was going to be a deal for team members on Toyota’s but unfortunately it did not materialize the way we hoped.

Q: “It’s great that we are starting to see some returning faces and meeting any new staff that are just now coming aboard.”

A: Agreed, it is always an exciting time of year seeing old friends and getting ready for the season to start!

Q: “I really appreciate having continued work going into another season. I love coming back. HR has been awesome helping get people on board. Hiring 120+ can be a big task so their help is greatly appreciated!”

A: Very cool, thanks for sharing the successful start to hiring!

Q: “As the snow begins to fall, updates and communication from leaders will feel ensuring. I feel a little kept in the dark when the season approaches, only to be haphazardly thrown together at the last minute as we are about to open. I understand the “sustainability” factor of not needing to pay people to be there but it’d be really nice to have more pre-season gatherings or something to get us feeling prepared, especially seasonal employees.”

A: Thanks for sharing, that is a good point that pro-active communication is reassuring and a lack of communication creates uncertainty. I will discuss with other leaders how we could provide more regular updates.

Q: “We’ve been looking forward to some October around here. We made it!”

A: And November is just around the corner!!