Mt. Hood Meadows / Cooper Spur Team Member Check-In 10/5/2018

It’s great to see a little snow and the survey participation picking back up. Below are the responses to comments from the last survey.

Q: “Wedding season has been well organized this year. We have more support from leaders”
Q: “It’s been a great summer and wedding season at Cooper. Everyone worked really well together!”

A: That is awesome to hear, the guest comments have been amazing and bookings for next summer are very strong. It seems we are really on the right track with out wedding business!

Q: “I would really appreciate it if someone who actually cares and can do something about it will go into all the areas in food + beverage and see how everyone really operates. To be honest I feel as if we are treated as the lowest in the department and if something “bad” happens we get blamed for it. As you can see this can be frustrating.”

A: It would be great to have more information to understand the specifics of your concern, if you’d be comfortable emailing me or dropping by I’d love to discuss. There are many folks who care deeply including myself that have been in the F&B areas. We are very excited about the new Executive Chef and I expect continued improvements in the culinary department.

Q: “Keep up the good work! I’d like to place an extra large order for the snow this year please”

A: I hope it comes soon, I can’t wait!

Q: “I am really happy to be back up here.”

A: It is always a fun time of year when everyone comes back to work!

Q: “Thank you for turning the heat on.”

A: Big thanks to facilities; they try to balance conserving energy with keeping the lodge warm.

Q: “as a seasonal employee, re-entry to this workplace can be a challenge”

A: It would be awesome to hear more specifics and how we might be able to make it less challenging if you are interested in discussing please let me know.

Q: “Excited for my first season up at the Mountain!”

A: We are stoked to have some awesome new team members aboard!