Mountain Exchange

Program Guidelines

What is Mountain Exchange? 

Mountain Exchange is a reciprocity system that exists between meadows, select local ski areas, and some gyms. It's a great perk to working at Mt Hood Meadows - you get to enjoy free skiing and riding at participating resorts. 

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the guidelines below, failure to follow these guidelines could result in loss of privileges. 

Cooper Spur team member?

Please utilize the ski area exchange by requesting a letter through Maria, Henry or Barb. The only exception is Flow Yoga – please use the link below for Flow letter requests. 

Mtn. Exchange Program:


  • Authorization letters must be requested through the Team Site, link to online request form below. 
  • Authorization letters will be issued no more than three (3) weeks in advance and no less than 2 days in advance of request date (by 3 pm) to allow ample time to process your request and pick up the letter.
  • We ask that two days are allowed for processing and issuing of letters – sorry, no day of or day before letter requests. 
  • You will receive an Email Notification when your letter is ready for pickup. Pickup is outside the HR office
  • An original copy of the exchange letter, along with your employee pass, is required when redeeming letters at other resorts
    Faxed letters, screenshots, electronic copies and phone calls will not be accepted in exchange for a day ticket.
  • Both areas must be in full operation and accepting exchange, see list below for restrictions
  • Authorization letters are not transferable between employees or ski areas
  • The exchange program includes holidays and weekends, unless otherwise stated – please see list below
  • Two (2) authorization letters are allowed per resort, per employee, per week. The week is Sunday through Saturday. 
  • Failure to abide by PNSAA guidelines/rules/COVID Safety guidelines of the ski area you are visiting will result in loss of exchange privileges.
  • This exchange is valid between the dates December 1st, 2020 to April 15th, 2021.