Team Newsletter 1.22.21

Table of Contents

Team Appreciation Event: Monday!

Just a few days away from our Virtual Team Member Appreciation Event!
Follow the link below to read more about what to expect and what prizes we will be raffling off! Zoom invitation will be sent via Dayforce closer to the event.

Hope to see you there! 
– Human Resources

Refer-A-Friend Shoutouts!

Know a friend looking for employment? Successfully referring a friend or family member to work at Cooper Spur or Meadows, can get you $50 for each referral. Learn more about the program by following the link below!

A big shout out and thank you for referring their friends to:
James Pyburn
Denes Balazs
John Inglis
Ty Tilden
Katrin Dougherty
Breyanna Thompson

Departments & Positions that are looking for referrals:

  • Lift Operations
  • Guest Services
  • Rentals
  • Public Safety Caretaker
  • Facilities Electrician
  • Transportation
  • COVID Response Specialist
  • Janitorial
  • Lift Maintenance
  • Shuttle Driver & CDL Bus Driver
  • Food & Bev Warehouse
  • Cooper Spur Slope Groomer

Wellness Corner

Talking About Mental Health - Removing the stigma

This week’s wellness corner focuses on removing the stigma around mental illness. Education, communication, and passion are some of the most important aspects in removing this stigma. 

Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman compares the stigmas surrounding common illnesses to the stigmas surrounding mental illnesses and discusses the possible solutions in solving the misunderstanding between the two. Check out the Ted Talk linked below to learn more: 

Core Value Shoutouts!

Mt. Hood Meadows & Cooper Spur Mt. Resort have 5 Core Values that all team members are encouraged to embody.


The following team members have demonstrated how to be a responsible Meadows Citizen in various ways, follow the slide links to see more! 


Meme of the Week!