Team Newsletter 1.8.21

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Stoke Challenge of the Week!

Hi, How Are You?

Welcome to the newest addition to the weekly newsletter – Stoke Challenge! 

Each week we’ll be giving you simple ideas on how to spread stoke, and good vibes! 

Social distancing is hard on friendships, be sure to foster healthy connections,
and check in on the ones you care for! 

This week we challenge you to: 
Ask someone, anyone: Hi, how are you?

The Hi, How Are You Project is inspired by the life and work of Daniel Johnston. The project is a non-profit organization using its platform to exchange ideas and education surrounding mental health. You can learn more about the Hi How Are You Project, and how to get involved by following the link below: 

Team Shoutouts!

Mt. Hood Meadows & Cooper Spur Mt. Resort have 5 Core Values that all team members are encouraged to embody.


The following team members have demonstrated how to be a responsible Meadows Citizen in various ways, follow the slide links to see more! 


Travel Advisory and Mountain Exchange Reminder:

We recently sent a message about the Oregon Health Authority’s Travel Advisory which includes a recommended 10-day quarantine after returning to Oregon from out-of-state travel. 

We encourage you to read up on this yourself to learn the difference between essential and non-essential travel. Please do not contact the COVID Response Team as they do not have the capacity to assess travel on a case by case basis.

We ask that people choosing to take vacations, visit family or partake in travel during the COVID Pandemic accept the responsibility of that choice and follow our State guidelines by quarantining upon your return.

It was not an easy decision, but Mt Hood Meadows and Cooper Spur are suspending the Employee Exchange effective immediately through January 24th. 
We cannot in good conscience support travelling due to the risks that are incurred, even when done safely. Hood River County continues in “Extreme risk” designation which means there’s widespread transmission in our county.

Thanks for your help in keeping our team healthy.

– The COVID Response Team

Meme of the Week!