Team Newsletter 4.2.21

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COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility for MHM/CSMR Team


You have helped keep Mt. Hood Meadows and Cooper Spur running through one of the most challenging times in our history. This team’s dedication and responsibility is helping in preventing the spread. As a community, we can take another huge step to help stop this virus. We now have a new, safe, and effective tool to help us do that—COVID-19 vaccines.

Hood River County Health Department has approved all Mt Hood Meadows and Cooper Spur Team Members for vaccine eligibility. 

As vaccine clinic appointment dates become available, you can schedule your vaccination appointment at the link below. If there are no appointments available, they will have more vaccine clinics in the near future. You can keep checking this link for appointment dates, and the CRT will keep our Team up to date as new clinics are scheduled. 

Talk to your manager about using sick time if scheduling a vaccine appointment interferes with your work schedule.

Please DO NOT SHARE this link, if you want to make sure your co-worker gets this message, please ask them to check Dayforce and this newsletter rather than sharing the link.

This message has also been sent to you via Dayforce. 

Schedule your Vaccine through the Hood River County Health Dept:

Reach out to the COVID Response Team is you have questions!

Phone: 503.337.2222 ext: 1919


Even more resources for getting a vaccine appointment

This website offers a FREE online service that allows you to sign up for local alerts regarding COVID-19 vaccine availability. Follow the link to sign-up! 

Team Shoutouts!

Thank you Janitorial Team!

Shout out for recognition of the Janitorial Team for keeping the lodge and resort areas clean and maintained. Thanks Janitorial Crew for the extra care you have taken this season to ensure surfaces are sanitized for our team and guests’ safety.
Help the Janitorial Team out, please clean up after yourself -bus your table, recycle, and throw away your garbage after using the Team Lounge and break areas.

Wellness Corner

3-Minute Yoga Flow For Sleep

Give this quick Yoga flow a try before bed, in bed! Having a bedtime routine makes falling asleep easier, and improves your quality of sleep. Going to bed at or around the same time every night helps too.
Commit to setting a bedtime for yourself this week, and stretch before bed! 

Meme of the Week!