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03.18.19 | Team Mail

Annual Team Opinion Survey

Sahale Lodge

Spring Shirts

Uniforms Textile Recycling

Wellness Dates

Free Fruit!

Annual Team Opinion Survey

This year we’ve implemented improvements based on your feedback from the 2018 Annual Team Opinion Survey you (hopefully) participated in.

  1. Beginning July 1st 2019, overtime will be paid starting at 40 hours.
  2. Instead of following the Oregon required increase of $10.75 to 11.25 on July 1st we will move to a slightly higher amount.

These changes are a direct result of the feedback you have provided in surveys and comments!

Please take 8 minutes to tell us how you feel about your job this season.

*If you are unable to take it from your device, the computer in the HR office has been booked marked and is available for you to use.

Sahale Lodge

Say hello to the construction of Sahale. Construction will begin in June 2019 and is scheduled for completion in the 2020-21 season. There will be more details shared about this new addition after March 22nd.

In the meantime, if you need some helpful talking point for guests, see the below suggestions!

  • There is a big announcement we will be making next week
  • It’s about improving our space needs.
  • There will be a great opportunity for our guests to be involved

Click here for the webpage:

Spring Shirts

Spring shirts have NOT arrived yet. However, they have been ordered.

Your Manager will know when they have arrived- so stay tuned!

Core Value:  Sustainability

Team Textile Recycling

Do you have a stack of un-repairable clothing you were going to toss? Not quite sure if it can still be used or not? Bring it into the Uniforms department and we’ll recycle it for you! (March 17th – 24th) Check out the poster below! 

Have a few pieces of wearable clothing you’d like to pass on? Bring them to the FREE SHELF in the Team lounge for your fellow team mates!

Wellness Dates:

Get a Chiropractic adjustment with Landyn!

  • Sunday, March 24th

When: 9am to 12pm

Where: In the White River Training Room


  • Saturday, April 6th

When: 12pm to 3pm

Where: In the White River Training Room


  • Saturday, April 20th

When: 12pm to 3pm

Where: In the White River Training Room

*Sign-up starts at 7:45am the day of.  

Call x1388 or come into the HR office to reserve your spot!

One of our favorite parts of the wellness program… FREE FRUIT!

Feel free to come down to the HR office to grab a piece of fruit. We have apples and pears at the moment.

Bring a bag and take some back to your team mates!




Thank you!

– Your Human Resources Team