Team Newsletter – 3.30.22

Table of Contents

Spring Shirts!

Spring Shirts Have Arrived
Who gets a spring shirt?
Active Full-Time Employees in Outdoor Jobs and Specified Indoor Departments. Your Department Manager will inform you if you get a Spring Shirt as part of your uniform.

What are the Guidelines for Wearing a Spring Shirt as part of your Uniform?
• Your spring shirt is a uniform item
• You must wear a nametag!
• NO freeriding in your spring shirt
• NO consuming alcohol in your spring shirt
• NO smoking or using tobacco products in your spring shirt
• Treat it just like your uniform until the end of the season

Not sure you get a Spring Shirt?
-Check with your Department Manager!

Can I buy a shirt for myself?
Not at the moment. We are outfitting our team first with those who require it for a uniform and we will announce opening up sales to everyone soon. We are hoping in about a week!
But you can purchase the previous Spring Shirt for $5. Stop by Uniforms during office hours to buy the previous Spring Shirt.

Congrats to Sunny and Isabelle Freeman. Their design was selected for the new Spring Shirt.
Thank you to all who submitted ideas for the new Spring Shirt. 
– Sara Dowty, Brooke Sattler, Chuck Scarpelli, Fred Russell, Theresa Ritchie, Marsha Eibert, Cole Judd, Margie Moses, Alaina Waller, Haley Albers, Maya Emshwiller, Morgan Fisher. 

20/21 Spring Shirts - $5

21/22 Spring Shirts!

Dayforce Mobile App Upgrade

Dayforce Mobile iOS & Android Operating System Updates
As of the 62 release, which will be available for download on April 4, 2022, the iOS Dayforce mobile application will require devices to upgrade to iOS versions 14 or greater before receiving new Dayforce mobile application updates. Additionally, the Android Dayforce mobile application will require devices to upgrade to Android versions 7 or greater before receiving new Dayforce mobile application updates.

Dayforce mobile versions prior to 62 will continue to operate as usual on devices running iOS versions at or below iOS 13 and Android versions running at or below Android 6. Please note that a small number of devices cannot upgrade beyond iOS 13.

If you have any questions regarding this communication, please contact Human Resources at

Spring Events Schedule:

Spring Stoke Vouchers!

Our Audit Vault Team is working tirelessly to get our Spring Stoke Vouchers ready for distribution – each team member who had hours in the most recent pay period will get two vouchers.
Each voucher is for: a 2-hour lesson, full-day rental, and beginner progression lift ticket. 

We’ll keep you updated on when these are ready, these vouchers can be redeemed at Sahale Sales or the Nordic Center (closes on 4/3/22). 

Group Acupuncture Schedule

No sign-ups required. Walk-in, first come, first serve.

For scheduled days in the Alp Loft
Enter through the stairs near the elevator.


4/4 Monday 11:00-1:00 Alp Loft

4/13 Wednesday 11:00-1:00 Alp Loft

Summer Job Board

It’s not too early to be thinking about summer employment. We’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of local (and not local) summer seasonal job opportunities for you to explore. Follow the link below to check out our Summer Job Board! Be sure to visit our Summer Job Fair on April 30th at our reVEGETATE event – more info coming soon.